Monday, August 15, 2016

Leaving the Human Form- How Snapchat Helps Generate Ideas for Self Portraits

I like the idea of being able to briefly morph into another animal. It would be so interesting to escape this human form for a while, would it not? I am not suggesting I would rather be a different animal permanently, but it would be nice to explore options, especially considering the state of the world right now. All the hate, all the deception, all the lies. Sometimes I just want to be something other than human. (Wondertwins, anyone?). Seriously, if I were a fox or a bird or a worm for that matter, I would not have to face this election in November. Ugh.

Many younger people know this already, but some older people asked me where I get the ideas for some of my self portraits. The answer is an app called Snapchat. I am friends with my daughter on there and we crack up at the way it changes our faces and sometimes our voices. I take a reference photo from the app and then digitally paint it, often adding or taking away elements, changing colors, etc. to make it the way I want it. So, now you know how I got the idea for today's image and also this one, this one, and the of me on the sidebar with flowers in my hair. It's fun and it just might make you smile.

Here's to having a beautiful Monday and a fruitful rest of the week. Keep your eyes open for a post coming this week revealing what new artwork I will be submitting for the fall show at Arts By the Bay Gallery. Five new pieces will be going up soon.


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