Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Road West

Well, yesterday's visit with the surgeon went really well. He removed the sutures and protective membranes in my mouth with no pain at all. He was pleased with how it is healing and said there is no current sign of infection! I am thrilled to have all that stuff out of my mouth; I am much more comfortable. I am still having difficulty eating because I still can't chew on the entire right side of my mouth, but hopefully as the tissues continue to heal that will become easier as well.

Now I just need to wait 3 months and go back for a bone scan of my jaw. They will be looking to see what the bone density is where they grafted the new bone and evaluate any signs of infection (hopefully there will be none!) After that they can tell me if I am a candidate to have implants to replace the teeth that were damaged from the infection and had to be removed. If all looks good, I can then schedule a second surgery to have the posts drilled into the jaw bone.

Thank you for all the prayers. I was nervous about the procedure yesterday, but it didn't hurt at all and it was very quick. Now for the next three months to go quickly and easily.

I hope you all are enjoying the amazing fall weather we are having. The golds and reds and browns seem to shine with their own light at this time of year and I just love being out in it. I was driving home from the surgeon yesterday and a breeze grabbed some leaves and caused a small blizzard of bright yellow leaves to swirl around my truck and it made me smile. I love this time of year.

Have an awesome Thursday. I plan on it. :)


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  1. All that mouth stuff sounds awful! Having had TMJ and surgery for it, I know the pain and worry.


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