Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Solitude Expresses the Glory of Being Alone- Mobile Art by Harford County Artist

Sichuan Takin- A hoofed mammal indigenous to the mountainous bamboo forests of western China


Solitude is different than loneliness.  Loneliness has a sad, isolated connotation to it while solitude reflects being alone by choice. Everyone deserves some time alone to think, decompress, and learn more about yourself. If you had 30 minutes to yourself, with no responsibility, what would you do? What kind of "date" would you take yourself on?

I would:

-take a guilt free nap
-make a quick art journal page
-curl up with a good book
-sit on the front porch swing and watch the birds at the feeder
-take a photo walk around my property
-take a hot bath with lavender body scrub and spa music

Make a list of all the "dates" you could make with yourself that would fit in 30 minutes. Plan a day this week to schedule time for you and treat yourself to just 30 minutes.

Love yourself.


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