Thursday, January 12, 2017

Forgotten Wreaths- Digital Art St. Michael's, Maryland

Forgotten Wreaths- Digital Art by Tracey Grumbach

About this image- This is another one of my rediscovered old photographs that caught my attention. The original photograph was taken back in 2010 during a trip to St. Michael's, Maryland. If you didn't know by now I have, for a long time, been fascinated by houses and old buildings. This one was no exception. I was intrigued by the overgrown grass growing around the front door making it look as if no one was coming in and out of the residence. But, yet it was decorated for Christmas with beautiful wreaths. The home itself was in great condition with a beautiful golden eagle ornament sitting atop the peak and the dual matching chimneys. The semi-circular porch  reminded me of a carousel top and don't get me started on the beautiful attic window. I totally could have lived here.

Speaking of forgotten wreaths, this year is the longest that we have ever kept up Christmas decorations. We finally took down the tree and indoor decorations on Tuesday but our outside decorations are still up, although they are unplugged now. We have been so busy, we just haven't had time. Our house has the big empty feeling it gets every time we take decorations down. It seems cavernous and echoey. I miss the tree, but I don't miss the cats making toys out of all my ornaments, lol.

Today is full of errands after teaching homeschool. I will be off to the bank to deposit the last of the 2016 checks for art sales, then to Oxford, PA to deliver the three new pieces to the gallery there. Next, I need to rush home and prepare for my daughter's IEP meeting (I homeschool her but have a good relationship with the local school where she receives speech services and I maintain a current IEP for her in case she needs to return to public school.). Next, I have to rush home for a phone conference with my oldest daughter's admissions and financial aid counselor for a college she is considering. Then, I need to pack and get ready for our trip to Full Sail University. We will be leaving tomorrow and coming back on Monday after touring the campus and local housing options. After this trip my oldest daughter will be able to make her decision about what college she will attend.  I am so blessed to have my God-daughter and my oldest son watching the twins and running the house until we get back.

Try to stay dry out there! At least it is a bit warmer, which makes the damp a bit more tolerable.


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