Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Oxford Art Alliance "Through Your Looking Glass" Art Show

I am so excited to announce that I will be showing three pieces of art in a new art show at Oxford Art Alliance gallery in Oxford, Pennsylvania. The show is themed "Through Your Looking Glass" and features art that involves windows. The show opening reception is Friday, January 20th from 5PM-8PM. I will be at the opening reception with bells on (not literally with bells on) and am excited to meet new artists and the patrons who frequent this gallery!

One of the images that will be showing is Through the Looking Glass...a digital painting I did of a circular window overlooking Forest Park in St. Louis, Missouri.  There will be only one print of this image made and it will be on display and for sale at this show. It is 10x10 inches matted and framed in a 12x12 inch frame!

Another piece that will be showing is I'll Leave the Window Open For You. This is also a digital painting. It features a private residence in Bar Harbor, Maine. You can read more about this image by clicking through the link on the title of the piece. There will also only be one print only of this piece offered. It is 10 x 13 inches and matted to a 16 x 20 inch frame.

The third piece that will be showing in the Oxford Art Alliance gallery is There Are Joys that Long to Be Ours. This is a digital collage created from a photograph I took while sitting in my car at a stop light one day. I added elements, painted a bit, added textures, and ended up with this piece. There will only be one of these ever printed and it is 8 x 8 inches matted to a 12 x 12 inch frame.

Showing in this gallery is special to my heart because I did not seek out this opportunity. A wonderful fellow artist, Anita Bower, saw my work at Arts By the Bay gallery in Havre de Grace and invited me to participate. To have another artist see my work and seek it out makes my heart soar and I am thrilled to meet her in person very soon.

I hope you all have time to come out on Friday, January 20th for the opening show reception of "Through Your Looking Glass" at Oxford Art Alliance to see me me and the other artists! It will be a good time. I will be adding the information about this show in the Upcoming Events section of my blog.

Have a beautiful Wednesday!


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  1. How exciting! And I love that piece of your daughter in the window from your St. Louis trip.


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