Monday, February 6, 2017

Kookaburra- Digital Art by Tracey Grumbach

About this image: The kookaburra bird is one of my favorites. While visiting the St. Louis Zoo back in November, I came across this one. I took a reference photo and this morning I worked on creating this digital painting from that photo. I used both my desktop computer and my iPhone 6S Plus to create him.

I am sucker for laughter. My husband makes fun of me because no matter how bad my mood is, if a commercial comes on with giggling or laughing people, I start to crack up. I guess you could say I am an empathetic laugher (and also an empathetic crier). So, the kookaburra is one of my favorite because of its call which sounds like an obnoxious laugh. I can't help but smile every time I hear it. Unfortunately for me, this one did not sing for me despite me hanging out a bit hoping to hear it live. But, that is ok...he was adorable anyway and I enjoyed my visit with him.

I am pleased to announce that my image, The Shape of My Reality, was chosen to be a Featured Image in this week's's Showcase. For the second week in a row one of my images was chosen for this prestigious honor. To have my work alongside some of my heroes such as Bob Weil, is just a dream come true. Thank you! This keeps me motivated to continue working hard at my art.

For those interested, below is my reference photo SOC (Straight Out of Camera).

I hope you have a wonderful Monday.  I know I plan on it!


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  1. Crazy awesome the difference between SOOC and your finished piece. Yes, keep the art coming.


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