Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Belle Farm- Harford County Historic Home

About this image: I've long had a fascination with this rubble stone farmhouse. I pass by it all the time in my comings and goings and have always wondered about its history. Y'all know I love all things old and historic and this home is no exception. So, I decided I wanted to do a piece showing off its beauty. The home is currently vacant and has its lower windows boarded up, which makes me so very sad. I wish there was a loving family living it in, filling its heart with love and laughter.

This home is located on the northeast corner of intersection of Graceton and St. Mary's Road in Pylesville. In this image we can't see the back of the house, but it is L shaped with an extension reaching out perpendicular to the front. What is most interesting to me, though, is that a portion of this building, probably the kitchen wing, predates the 1798 tax list. Through the years more was added and there is a date stone says "1820" on the main body of the house. One of the original owners, Ignatius Wheeler, served in the Revolutionary War and was a member of the Maryland Legislature from 1786-1789.  He was also responsible for founding of St. Ignatius Church and is buried there.

This property is on the Maryland Historical Trust list and if you would like to read more about its history and see photographs of the building as it looked back in the 1970's, you can click here.

Hope everyone is thawing and digging out today! Here it will be a normal day for us homeschooling and me preparing art for the upcoming April 28th opening and May 5th Ticked Off event! Sending love to all.


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