Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Winter's Last Gasp- Digital Art by Tracey Grumbach

About this image: After the wind howls and the snow accumulates, it is time for the big dig. Particularly for farmers, it is essential to be able to move about freely to care for the animals. Here in northern Maryland, we are currently experiencing a winter storm full of snow and sleet. They originally were calling for 10-15" of snow, but the sleet has cut those predictions down. This image was not taken this year. It was taken last January after we had a major back to back snow storm dumping 2-3 feet of snow in the area. Wherever you are, please check in on neighbors, especially the elderly, to make sure they are warm, safe, and have a cleared path for emergencies. Hopefully, this will be winter's last gasp. Come on, spring!

Be safe and stay warm.


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