Thursday, March 16, 2017

Seven Till Twelve in the Morning- St. Louis

About this image: My mind once again drifts back to St. Louis when I took a trip there back in November. If you recall, my cousin's children were in a terrible car accident in October and were on life support with massive brain injuries.  For those of you who are following their story, they are doing beautifully. They are currently in Florida visiting my aunt and uncle, who are their grandparents, on their first vacation since leaving the hospital. (Believe it or not, my aunt and uncle, who spent majority of the time from October until around February in Missouri helping with the care of their grandkids during their recovery, had a house fire shortly after returning home. They are fine but the house is unlivable until it is completely gutted and rebuilt on the inside.) They are both still in outpatient therapy for speech and physical therapy, but are making excellent progress. Kirsten is wearing hearing aids to help with the hearing loss she suffered as a result of the brain injury. They recently started back part time at their high school as well. It truly is a miracle to see how far they have come. They have such a supportive mother and father as well as extended family. Their friends and community are also unbelievably helpful, which keeps everyone's spirits raised and hope and love the center of their lives.  Both kids have an amazing attitude toward life and they continue to bloom into themselves each and every day. I am very proud of all of them.

Have a wonderful Thursday...tomorrow is Friday, y'all.


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