Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Bishop's Garden

Cathedral of the Incarnation, Baltimore, Maryland

Meet me in the courtyard of the Bishop's Garden.
Winter just birthed spring;
The leaves and fresh breezes are coming in.
Somehow the air smells different,
The birds sound different,
The stones look different,
The soil feels different
At this time of year.
New beginnings
That make anything possible fill my heart.
Upon each exhale,
The frozen stillness of winter melts away.
I think this is called hope.

Hide with me in the laurel and close your eyes
To open your ears.
Can you hear the children's voices singing?
They are asking for hope...
"Give us hope and we'll show you the way."
Is echoing in the chambers of the sanctuary,
Echoing in the breezes of spring,
Echoing in the hearts of those
Who are brave enough to hear.

Meet me in the Bishop's Garden.
Perhaps hope is hiding there among the damp, fertile soil.
Wrap it up with beautiful ribbon and
Gift it to the children of the world.

*This artwork and poem was inspired by seeing my 9 year old daughter along with 150 other amazing children perform Saturday at this beautiful cathedral in Baltimore. Their song, Give Us Hope, is still echoing in my ears and it repeats in my head daily, haunting me in a most delicious way. An earworm of sorts, but more of a heart-worm. The lyrics of that beautiful song touched me and just can not remove them from my heart, soul, or ears. I hope you enjoyed the poem and the altered photograph. <3

Here is the choir my daughter sings with prior to their show Saturday...Deer Creek Youth Choir lead by the beautiful Julie Cullotta.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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