Friday, June 23, 2017

Heston Farm- Harford County, Maryland

Heston Farm- Altered Photography by Tracey Grumbach
Some days I just enjoy riding around my beautiful county taking in the scenery. Since I am not very mobile at the moment, taking "Sunday" drives any day of the week has become a form of therapy for me. I particularly like being the passenger so that my attention can be elsewhere, drinking in the deliciousness of the summer landscape. Being out of the house and riding around the county reminds me that the world is bigger than me. My problems seem much smaller in the wide open landscape. Being in nature, hearing nature, smelling nature, and seeing nature has a psychological healing affect. It is refreshing to know beauty doesn't cease to exist in the midst of pain. Light doesn't cease to exist in darkness. Drive therapy...that's what I'll call it. My only wish is that there was more room to pull off on the side of these country roads so I could take more photographs of the glorious sights.

This farm is quite beautiful. It is owned by a local family, a family who has a child/grandchild the same age as my twins. They are a wonderful family and we buy hay for our horse from them. One day I will accompany my husband when he goes to buy hay and take more pictures of their amazing property. Hopefully I will be in much less pain and more mobile by gives me something to shoot for!

I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend. Mine will be filled with rugby games, graduation parties, and taking down my current art show while delivering new art to the gallery.  I will be food prepping and doing some serious medicine schedule planning to make sure I don't get off track. Getting out of the house is not easy when your on such a strict time schedule (every two hours) of eating and taking medicine. Thank goodness my husband and kids are helpful in keeping me on track and praise God that I am surrounded by friends and neighbors who understand. God is good!


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