Thursday, July 6, 2017

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend- Digital Art

It has been quiet around here. Despite my plans for an active summer full of exploring with the twins before they return to public school in September, my body has decided not to cooperate so far. I've been confined to the house pretty much for the last week except for an outing to the Hippodrome with a friend and a family picnic for 4th of July...both of which I rested in chairs.  Yesterday I had a close call with a health crisis that almost sent me to the hospital, but in the end it subsided and I was able to stay home, under the careful and vigilant watch of my oldest daughter.  I sure am going to miss her when she moves away next month. I still have tons of hope, though, and I see a future full of activity and exploring. I'm just not quite there yet.

Since I haven't been far from home, I have been busy with creative things around the house. This was the view from my front porch when a summer thunderstorm was rolling in. Not too shabby of a view! I've also been working on my Figurescapes class and I have completed my second project. I'll show that to you and talk more about that here on the blog tomorrow. I've also been writing. Yesterday, I told you I was writing another article for The Mighty and I did, but after going back to edit it yesterday after lunch, I hated it. Yep. I absolutely hated the article I wrote. The tone was so negative and I didn't like how I presented the material. So, today, I plan on rewriting the article, but this time with a positive and hopeful tone!

Today looks to be more of the same, except maybe I will pull out some art materials and make some art paper and collages I can use in upcoming artwork I have planned. It will be fun to do something with physical materials instead of a just a computer. I hope your Thursday is the best Thursday you've ever had! I think I'll throw on some relaxing music, fold some laundry, and then get started with all of these creative endeavors I have planned. Till tomorrow...


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