Friday, July 7, 2017


 Everyone seemed to enjoy the throwback post from yesterday, so I did another today...all the way back to 2011! The kids are so stinking cute and they were so little! I am so glad I have this older blog to look back on and share with you. Again, 2017 commentary is in italics.

July 7, 2011

This past weekend we decided to take the crew fishing.
I told them that if they wanted dinner they had to earn it by catching it.
That didn't go over too well, but what kind of mother would I be if not to motivate my brood?

So, early on Sunday morn we packed up the kiddos
and headed off of These Nine Acres to a neighbor's farm
where he has several ponds stocked with fish.
Hey, at least I was making it easy for them to catch dinner! (I was totally kidding as this facility was a catch and release area...but the kids didn't know that, lol!)

To our knowledge, this was the first time the twins have gone fishing.
They were very excited to catch a fish and T1 wanted to "pet them."
Typical for animal loving gal. (Back then I used the term T1 and T2 because I didn't want to identify the twins by name since they had been in the foster care system. T1 is Natalie since she was born first and T2 is Zachary since he was born second.)

Brian setting up the little kids with their rods.

And they are off!  Who will catch the first fish?

Can I pet it?  Can I pet it?  Can I pet it?
Um, you have to catch one first!

I am happy that this year both Ty and Ladybug now bait and remove the fish from the hook themselves. Now we just have to help out the little ones. While Ty was the first to catch a fish, both T1 and T2 caught a fish too...their very first. Neither of them wanted to touch it...
Even T1 who talked incessantly the whole time about petting one! (Ty was what I called my oldest son, Tyler...and still do, and Ladybug is my oldest daughter, Brenna.)

Check out my very first fish!

No brother of mine can out do me!  I got one too!

Ladybug caught MANY but I only have a picture of this little one.

I caught one too! (that is a henna tattoo on my hand, btw)

Brian didn't catch one but in his defense, he was baiting hooks for the little ones
faster than they could let the fish eat the worm off!

No one caught dinner...
we only caught about 12 small bluegill all together. There were no whoppers to speak of...except the guy fishing across the pond from us caught a huge rockfish.
Show off.

But that is ok...
at least we had fun trying.

Have a great Thursday, everyone!

What fun looking back! Hope you enjoyed this old blog repost! Look for more in the future!


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