Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Looking Up the Hill

You know what is good about having a large hill in front of you?
You must look up to see where you are going
and the sun has no choice but to shine in all its glory
onto your weary face.

One baby step at a time.

The little accomplishments mean so much to me now.
Being stripped down so raw and bare emotionally and physically
has made me appreciate the little things even more.
My accomplishment today?
I walked under my own power to the mailbox and back with the
wind and sun on my face.
It. Was. Glorious.
After spending the morning vomiting and shaking uncontrollably,
it was a feat I didn't think I would accomplish today.
And yet, just a few hours after being so sick, I did it.
My will is not broken.  I will do this.

One baby step at a time.

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