Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dress Code Morals

Thankful today for the time I will spend with my oldest daughter
looking for Homecoming dresses today.
I know time is precious and short with my teenagers as the high school years
seem to be flying by so quickly and they will be off to college so soon.
My oldest son was visiting college campuses yesterday and planning his future...
it just seems so surreal to me.
I feel like my own high school years were not the long ago 
and here I have a senior and a sophomore of my own.
I have no idea how this happened, lol.

While dress shopping today my daughter will take a friend with her
and I will take a back seat and let her have her space.
That does not mean, however, that there aren't rules and budgets to follow...
oh complete free reign here!

She must find a dress within a given budget 
and the skirt must come at least below her fingertips.
The neckline must be modest.
We by no means are Puritan, but I do require my daughter to dress
with some sense of dignity and self worth
instead of the many popular dresses out there where if the girl beds over
her rear end is hanging out or the neckline plunges in a much too mature fashion.

So, while I will be giving her some space to shop with her friend,
(I will be sitting in the car or mall waiting for a "I found the one" text)
I will still be guiding her from afar before I hand over the cash to purchase the dress.
I hope I can instill values and morals in my children that will last a lifetime.

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