Friday, September 26, 2014

The Details

I was discouraged last night as I felt my body falling back into 
what I call the "down cycle" of Lyme after having about a week of feeling really good,
I knew I was going to struggle emotionally and physically today.
Too exhausted and in pain to meet friends for breakfast, I regretfully canceled my date.
I managed to get the kids ready for school and I trudged to the bus stop in a difficult mood.

But when I focused my attention outside of myself and on 
the little details surrounding me on this amazing autumn morning,
my grumpiness began to fade.
I pointed out to the twins a pair of bluebirds, a male a female,
that were perched on our pasture fence.
Each time we took a few steps toward them, they would fly 
just a little bit further down the driveway and land again on the fence.
The twins giggled as they repeated this pattern until finally the birds gave up
and flew up into a neighbor's tree.  

When we reached the bottom of the driveway, 
N discovered the most intricate spider web in the grass.
The dew had covered it in tiny droplets that shown like diamonds
in the early warm sun.

Neighbors walked by on their daily stroll and called "Good morning" to us.
I replied, "Yes, it is!" and I meant it.

After waving to the kids as they pulled away in the school bus,
I began the journey back up the hill to my house.
Along the way I found a fuzzy caterpillar munching on a dew soaked 
blade of grass, preparing for the coming winter.

I also found one little yellow leaf in the middle of the driveway.
I took the time to examine it closely to see the veins
and clusters of shapes like the scales on a fish or alligator.
It amazes me how detailed the world is when you look closely.

As I reached my front door, the workers who are building our new garage
and front porch smiled at me and said, "Good morning."
The entire week they have been here they haven't said a word to me
until today, when I needed to hear again that it indeed was a good morning.

If we let it, the universe, God, will give us what we need,
emotionally and physically to get through the day.
Sometimes it is just all in the details.

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  1. One huge big wide wonderful YES to this! I can't tell you how frequently I turn to the little details of the beautiful world around me to refresh my spirit. I believe your rest will be more restful your mind is at peace. Hugs


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