Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Taking It All In

As seen on the beach of Cape May this summer

I had a shoot today in Port Deposit, Maryland.  
I was a little skeptical when I left the house as the weather was humid and cloudy,
looking like a possible rain threat.  No good for a real estate shoot.
I called the client (I was over 40 minutes from her and the weather can be very different
from my home to Port Deposit) and was happy to hear that the sun was beginning to peek out from behind the clouds where she lived.  The shoot was a go.

As I drove, I had the window cracked and I could smell autumn...
that damp smell that comes with fallen leaves and rain.
The colors of the changing leaves popped with the mist still clinging to the surface 
as I drove through the rural tunnels of trees that overhang so many roads here in the boonies.
I played soft, spa music quietly on the stereo and I decided to forget my worries
and enjoy the drive to my destination.

As I drove east, the clouds did indeed begin to part and the sun began shining brightly, enough to make me put my sunglasses on.
I could immediately feel the temperature change and the humidity begin to lift, as did my spirits.
As I pulled into to Historic Port Deposit, there were still puddles on the road, but the weather was glorious...low 70's and the sun shining brightly.

I arrived at the location for the shoot and was greeted by a lovely, kind lady who had a beautiful apartment right on the water.  Her double level deck looked out to the water and the docks.  What a glorious place to greet the morning with a fresh brewed pot of coffee in the morning!  I could see myself wrapped in my robe with warm cup of joe watching the waterman move about in the early morning light.

After I completed the inside of the house, I walked to the common courtyard of the complex to take pictures from there.  As I walked out, the owner of the unit called to me from her deck and pointed in the air.  "Look there," she said.  "A bald eagle is showing off for you!"  And sure enough, my eyes followed the direction of her finger and not far above me was a glorious bald eagle soaring above the water just off shore.  I stood mesmerized by the sight and I knew in that moment, the warm sun filling me up, the breeze from the water rustling my hair, and that eagle flying above me, that this moment was what I was thankful for toady.  I let all my senses record that moment so I could have it with me all day.

After finishing the outdoor shots for the property, I began my journey home.  I was sad when as I moved west again, the clouds began getting thicker and the sun disappeared.  It's funny how just a few miles can make a difference in so many things...including weather.  I was sad I was returning to the mud and moisture of my hometown, but amazingly enough, as I approached a curve in the road, about 5 miles from my house, I lifted off the accelerator because something huge caught my eye.  A wide-spread white tail was fanned out just yards ahead of me with great yellow talons hanging down, grasping a large squirrel and flying straight down the middle of the road above the double yellow line ahead of me.  My jaw dropped.  Could I be this lucky in one day?

Sure enough, the creature veered right into a clearing of the woods and as it began to land, breakfast in talons, I saw the telltale white head...another bald eagle!  Bald eagles are occasionally seen around my home, but rarely...maybe one or two times a year.  But here was one only feet in front of my windshield in all its glory!


I'm hoping your day is as magical as mine is...it's difficult not to smile when you can fill yourself with the natural gifts God has given us.

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