Thursday, February 26, 2015

On Blessings and Hope

As I was driving from to and from a doctor's appointment yesterday, I started thinking about all the blessings in my life right now.  It just seems like things go in cycles, does it not?  A period of good things and a period of rough patches and then back into the good times again.  As much as the painful times hurt, it does give us a great perspective from which to appreciate the good times, I suppose. got me thinking about the many blessings in my life.  This week I was contacted by a major magazine publisher's art department about using one of my images in a future article.  Considering this is on my career bucket-list, to be published in a magazine, I was over the moon, of course.  The contract has been signed, so now I am just waiting for the issue to be published!  When it comes out, I will give more information.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to drop in to visit friends/colleagues who just got engaged!  So fun to celebrate happy times with those you care about.  They make such a great couple and I am thrilled they are taking this step to combine their families.  While I was at their office, I also connected with another friend/colleague I haven't had a chance to see in a while and it was good to reconnect with her.  So great to walk into a place that is filled with good energy and love.  I left there feeling invigorated.

I also got wonderful news at the ENT's office...while I have slight hearing damage in my left ear, it is minimal and it does not affect my ability to understand speech.  I was worried that I may have significant loss in that ear and it was great news to hear that was not the case.

Another blessing this week...the little kitten that showed up in our garage about a month ago is now spayed and microchipped.  After suffering through a week of her being in heat, this is a blessing!  A cat in heat is NOT fun!  LOL.  She went through surgery just fine and now she is recovering quietly (or not so quietly) at home.  She brings much joy to my life...I've never seen a cat more cuddly or loving than this little cutie.  Maybe I will put a picture of her up soon on my Facebook page (see my Social tab for a link).  She has come to us at a wonderful time considering we lost all three of our cats in the last year.  Dusty, our 10 year old barn cat, just died about 10 days she is a very welcome addition to our home.

As I walked into the library the other day, an unbearably cold, windy day, I noticed this left over bird's nest from last summer.  I thought it was beautiful, the way the birds incorporated sticks and string and trash into their creation...mixed media artists in their own right, lol.  But more than that, I thought about what a symbol of hope it was...the promise of warmer days soon to come and the return of the migratory birds back to Maryland.  These symbols of joy and hope surround us all the time, we just have to lift our eyes and look for them.

Have a beautiful day...

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