Friday, March 13, 2015

Snowy Farm at Sunset

iPhone Digital Painting of a local farm during sunset

Today I am thankful for:

1.  My beautiful mother.  Today is her birthday and I am so blessed to have her in my life.  In many ways she has shifted to not only being my mother but my best friend.  She is such a strong woman and she has impressed me with her independence and grace since my father's passing.  I can learn something from her every day by just watching her move through life.  I hate that she lives so far away, but I am thankful every minute of every day for the time we still have together here on this side of forever.  Happy Birthday, Mom!

2.  The amazing and regal hawk I saw soaring above the out-of-season cornfield today.  You took my breath away as you gracefully glided above the ground, surely searching for your next meal among the -not-yet-plowed-under cornstalks.  That brief moment I watched you as I was driving down my road lifted my spirit just as the breeze lifts you upon the sky.

3.  The sunshine.  Well, hello there, my long lost friend.  Your kiss upon my face this morning was exactly what I needed after a long sleepless night and was so much appreciated this morning. Despite the cold temperatures, I could still feel your warm potential as you beamed down, inching ever closer to the earth as the spring equinox creeps closer.  I can't wait.

4.  My wonderful friend/artist colleague who is pushing me to get my work out there and in her new gallery!  It is so easy to say, "I am not ready" to avoid the fear deep within me that says I am not good enough.  Thank you for believing in me and what's more, pushing me beyond my comfort zone.  I love you for that!

5.  My dear, steadfast friend, who is coming for lunch today.  Our time together sharing food, worries, stories, and dreams of the future with each other not only fills my belly, but also my soul.  I am so looking forward to our time together laughing and catching up.  You are the best and I love you!  I hope you had a wonderful birthday earlier this week!

It is my wish that all of you have a wonderful, stress-free weekend doing whatever it is that makes you happy and fulfilled!  See you Monday!


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