Monday, March 16, 2015

Pleasure Girl

I had a wonderful weekend...hoping you all did too.  I was very excited to be accepted into a new gallery that will start showing my work.  I will have three pieces hang in the month of April and I hope to have more in the future.  It is always nerve wracking putting your work out there in front of a jury to be scrutinized.  I am so glad it worked out!  More information will be forthcoming later in the week about what pieces will hang and when the opening of the show will be...stay tuned!

In addition, I found a new printer I will be working with to print some high quality giclee prints of some of my new work.  They accepted me into their artist program and I am excited to start this new relationship with them!

On Saturday I had the opportunity to shoot a local band, Soundtown Baltimore, doing a St. Patrick's Day festival at a near-by venue.  It was great to meet the band members and work with different lenses to grab some images for them!  I still need to edit them, but I am sure I got a few images they can use!

On Sunday I had a great day with the twins as we took them to a friend's birthday party at a skating rink.  The twins were excited to use their new rollerblades they got for Christmas and did an amazing job of staying on their feet!  I was super proud of them.  My oldest daughter got her learner's permit at the end of last week and has been learning how to drive with my husband.  She is doing great, having fun, and learning a lot.  My oldest son got his cap and gown already and when he tried it on, I teared up!  I can't believe my first born is graduating!  Crazy.  I love all 4 of those kids beyond measure.

This week will be packed with real estate shoots...heading out for one now...and editing!  So happy that I am well enough to keep up with all the wonderful blessings flowing into my life!  The doctor switched me back to a previous regimen I was on that was successful and I hope to see continued improvement with this combination of herbals.

Have a blessed week!

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