Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Phillips At the Inner Harbor- Abstract Digital Painting

Ugh.  Well, that is about how I feel. Despite my best efforts to rest yesterday, it all caught up with me.  The terrible pain of Lyme crept in slowly yesterday and shut me down.  Hoping today isn't as bad, but knowing this pattern, it could be a week or more of struggle. I should know better than to do this to myself, but what am I to do when so much is going on that needs me attention?  Blech.

This abstract piece is actually a painting of the restaurant Phillips Seafood  from a reflection in the Baltimore Inner Harbor water.  At the top of the image, you can begin to make out the red letters blurred in the water and to the right of that a red triangle that is the canopy over their deck area in front of the restaurant. As I was walking by the water, I noticed the wavy water from the wind creating a smear of beautiful colors.  I zoomed in, cropping out all other elements except the water and took the shot.  I fell in love with it and love the painting even more.  It was taken several years ago, but I am re-sharing it now because I found it in my archives and it makes me happy.

Today I have a few appointments to attend to and then I am hoping to squeeze in some art time if I am feeling up to it.  I really do get antsy when I am away too long from working on something.  I hope today is a beautiful blessing to all of you...the weather here is phenomenal...58 degrees as I type and the birds are singing gloriously.  At least there is that.  :)  Until tomorrow, my friends...


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