Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Taking Time to Rest


After weeks of going, going, going, it has caught up to me.  I'm so tired.  Exhausted.  Toast. 

So much is happening right now and I am having trouble keeping up with it all emotionally and physically. 

My brain and body have been in overdrive for over a month and frankly, I just need a chance to catch up.  But life doesn't work that way.  Coming up I have my son's graduation, my daughter's 16th birthday,  the one year anniversary of my father's death (I find myself falling into melancholy the closer it creeps), construction of the house and office/studio, and preparing for a huge life change that will be happening this summer.  Everyone has their dishes full, I know this, so I am not complaining, I just need to find some time to rest and take care of me.  I've been doing so well with Lyme recovery, I don't want to send myself backward.

So, I think today I will do just that.  I think I will sleep.  I think I will rest.  I think I will do just about nothing.  I haven't done that in so long and this is the only day that I have where I can do that.  I'm taking the opportunity!

Hoping wherever you are it is a beautiful day.  If it's not, make it one.


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