Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Country Corner Store- A Little of This and That

Happy Hump Day, everyone. This digital painting was created using several brushes and techniques. After taking an iPhone image of this colorful, beautiful country store on a corner somewhere in Virginia for reference, I edited it for contrast and color in Photoshop. Next, I used Painter to paint the sky with oil brushes, the trees, road, grass, and dirt with a watercolor brush, the building and porch with an acrylic brush, and the signs and window screens with a digital colored pencil. I am finding that I really like using different techniques in different areas of the painting, depending on how many or how little details I'd like to show.

There has been so much going on here that to be honest, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. Between homeschooling my own kids, preparing the co-op Photography course that I will be teaching this year, getting ready for my solo show in October, negotiating a renewed appearance in a gallery I used to show in, office/studio/house construction, taking care of my daughter who is very ill with mono, and negotiating/preparing for a possible television appearance (which I can't give details about due to contract reasons), it has been crushing! I am so glad the magazine article and artwork is finished or I would be a mess right now. At least that was one thing I could get off my plate before the deadline. The only quiet time where my mind can relax is when I am painting or collaging. It truly does bring me such peace.

I have a new idea for a collage, so I am anxious to get started on to find the time! Yesterday I was so looking forward to judging the 4H photography contest that I do every year, but when I arrived at the venue, I was very sick with a stomach bug and a migraine. Unfortunately, I had to turn around and come back home. It seems I am the third person in my family to get it...thank goodness it is short lived. I hope the coordinator asks me back next year as I was so disappointed to miss it. Speaking of health, the time is drawing closer to get my bloodwork to see how I am progressing with Lyme recovery. I am anxious to see what the numbers say as I know what my body is telling me. We'll see.

As I was typing this post this morning, my youngest daughter asked me, "Mom, do wishes really come true?" My answer..."Yes, honey, they do...but most of the time we have to work really hard to make our wishes come true." Her response...a very dejected "Oh." It's tough being 7 and realizing fairy godmothers are not floating around granting wishes. To make our wishes come true we have to be our own advocates, get off our tushes and fight for them. But every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears is worth it.

Have an excellent day.  xo

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