Monday, July 27, 2015

Light Seeking

Seeking Light- Smith Mountain Lake, VA

I've been seeking light in more than one way this past week. It has been a difficult week and I am looking forward to starting a new one with the hopes that things will be better. No matter how difficult things are, though, I always wake up and go to sleep with a thank you on my lips. This illness and my father's passing has taught me, more than anything else in my life, to be grateful for every day, even the bad ones.

I read an article on Facebook this week that hit a nerve. The article talked about facts and opinion and how the author just tells people they are wrong when it comes to their opinion. He says he refuses to engage with people who ignore facts and form their own opinion where it doesn't belong. I don't necessarily disagree with the author on that point. I get that it has been scientifically proven that the earth revolves around the sun and not the other way around so, frankly, there can be no opinion on the matter since opinions are formed on subjective issues.

My nerve was struck, though, on the example he gave as to where people should have no opinion. He said there can be no opinion that autism is caused in whole or in part by vaccinations because the science is clear that there is no link between the two. Here is where I start fuming. What the author misses is you have to be careful who or where you get your "facts" from. This guy is taking it for granted that the "science" is correct and the government is telling you the truth. If, in fact, the "science" is misleading and the fact source is wrong, than you do, indeed, have room for an opinion. Clearly the author has never been in my position with an illness that the government tries to tell you doesn't exist and the CDC continuously commits grievous errors in its "science" all the while trying to protect Big Pharmaceutical companies and their lined, bulging, money-filled pockets. It goes to reason the government is going to be lying about other illnesses as well. So, when he used vaccinations and autism as an example where there could not be any opinions, he cleared showed himself to be an uninformed, egotistical idiot.

I am no conspiracy theorist, but trust me, since becoming ill, my eyes have been opened and I am no longer a naive, blind believer in our government. So, yes, I am indeed entitled to my opinion about autism and vaccinations and I feel sorry for a naive mind to say otherwise.

If you disagree with me, I am totally fine with it, because unlike this author, I do respect people have their differing opinions on the matter. However, I also suggest you read about the issue away from mainstream media and find out the facts the government is hiding from you, just like they are trying to pass a bill to keep us in the dark about what is in our food. For starters, check out this video, and keep an open mind as to what the government is willing to do to protect its largest donors...the pharmaceutical companies.

I know, not a great way to start a Monday, but if I can open one person's eyes and mind than this rant was well worth it.  This digital watercolor was created by using an iPhone picture I took while in Virginia last week as a template. I painted using a digital watercolor brush using the lines and colors from the photo as a guide. I've been doing some of these aside from collage to practice my digital painting and it has been really enjoyable. I hope you like it.

Have a wonderful week, everyone!  Sending love and light into the world to all of you! xo

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