Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Working, Working, Working

As seen on a recent trip to New York City

I was happy to be able to take a quick trip to Lynchburg this past weekend to visit my mom. I hate that she lives so far away, especially now that she is alone after my father passed away in June of 2014. I keep trying to convince her to move back north near me, my brother, and her sister, but so far she seems content to stay put. It was good to leave work and homeschooling behind for a while and just relax and spend quality time with her.

I took advantage of the long 5 hour ride home yesterday to type out the article I had to write for my feature in Artful Blogging. I was nervous that the theme of my article wouldn't be what they were looking for. The editor was pretty open as far as topics on which I could write in her initial letter to me, so it really was wide open. I ended up with 848 words (in an 850 word limit). To me it wasn't difficult because as I have been told by my family and others, I can be wordy. :) I sent the article off to the editor yesterday and I received notification today that it was received and approved! I previously sent them 15 high resolution images of my work and that was approved as well. I am so glad I finished way before the August 3 deadline. The magazine hits newsstands on November 1, so be sure to check it out!

Now that I am finished with that opportunity, I need to focus on my featured artist show coming up in the month of October and get some work printed and framed for that. I am currently working on getting model releases and deciding which work I will be putting out there. I am hoping to pair up with a local Lyme support group to raise money for Lyme awareness and Lyme support. I want to give back to the community a portion of the proceeds I make from this art exhibition.

In addition to preparing for the show, I have to get ready to teach Photography to 18 middle and high school Homeschool students. Starting in September I will be teaching a class once a week until May. I am very much looking forward to it, however, I need to get the syllabus and class material list completed before too awful long here!

That about sums up the craziness going on here. I hope your life is filled with things that make you happy and fulfill your soul's desires! Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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