Friday, February 26, 2016

The Windy Day

Digital Painting of my cat, Oreo, watching the birds and swaying trees in the wind today.
She is sitting on a stack of books about Vivian Maier, one of my photography heroes.

Not much to report lately. I was hoping to have the results of our mold test today, but no such least not yet at the time I am typing this. I was hoping to have it by now so my doctors and I could nail down an action and treatment plan to get me back to better health. I guess patience is still something I am working on.

I happened to bump into a friend yesterday from back when I used to photograph the local high school football team. Her boys were on the team and they were always such gentlemen, so of course, I was curious as to how they were doing. One is now a senior in college and the other is a sophomore. She told me they both are doing really well and that her oldest son is going the NFL combine this year. I was so excited for her and the family.  How cool is that?  His lifelong dream to play pro football may just be around the corner. I love hearing success stories for young people. I hope he works hard and it all turns out for him.

I finished up the book Under the Wide and Starry Sky this morning. It was an exceptional book by Nancy Horan, who also wrote Loving Frank, which I read a few years back. It was a bit long and I felt it could have been edited a bit more to reduce the 474 page count.  At times it just seemed too drawn out, but overall it was a fantastic historical fiction. I learned a lot I didn't know about Robert Louis Stevenson and his family. He lived quite an exotic life to say the least. I also related to the main characters because Louis Stevenson had chronic illness and his wife, Fanny, was his main care-taker.

Now I started the book, The Choice, by Nicholas Sparks. Everytime I read a Sparks book I swear I won't read another. They typically follow the same pattern and are mindless. But, in this instance, I wanted mindless and effortless after tackling such a large novel. So, I know I'm slumming by choosing this book, and it's ok.  :) Since it is going to be coming out as a movie soon, I figured I better read it in case I ever decided to waste two hours watching the movie.

Sunday night at 8:00PM on BYUTV is the premiere of the show Relative Race, which I had the pleasure of being a part of back in September. You can go to Relative Race to read about the show and the premise behind it, but basically, I am related to Doug of Team Blue in the show. He and his wife, Margo, come to our home and spend time here getting to know us a bit. They don't come to our house until episode 9, but tune in for the whole show and root for my long lost cousin, Doug and his wife as they travel across the country meeting relatives they didn't know they had!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and I will catch you back here Monday.  Peace.

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