Thursday, October 27, 2016

Keeping the Light- Tracey Grumbach Digital Artist

Digital Art by Tracey Grumbach

The heart is the lighthouse that guides all our senses and it is the essence of our humanity. 
That is why when they say "Follow your heart" it is never easy; 
because by doing so you've made a choice to follow a 
natural unexplainable genius that is beyond your comprehension.

-Asrar Abdulghani

I've been reading the book Anatomy of the Spirit, as I have mentioned in a previous post. It is very slow going for me as I am shocked at how relevant it is in my life and I can only read a few pages at a time to allow myself to absorb it fully. I feel like there are secrets to life and health in this book that is allowing me to grow as a human being. It is shocking at how relevant it is in my life right now. It's amazing how God puts things, people, events, and circumstances in our paths to help us on our spiritual journey. This book is one of those things...I am sure of it. I have so many underlines and highlights and notes that I will never be able to let someone use this book after me! That is ok because everyone should have their own copy to do the same thing.

One of the quotes I have taken away is a little prayer that means so much to me, so I will share it here with you to hopefully help someone else...

"Let me know what I am able to know and trust that behind all events, no matter how painful, there is a reason from which good can come."

What this means to me is asking God to allow me the wisdom to know what I am able for I will never understand the divine flow of the universe.  For all the things I do not understand, to release the pain to God knowing that although I may not understand all the "whys" in life, especially for the painful events in life, that He has a grand scheme from which good always, always comes without fail. Often times it is hindsight that we see the reason or the growth or the change that has taken place when we walk through a difficult time in our lives. But the trick is while in the midst of a painful episode to rest easy knowing God knows the reasons even if you do not. 

My explanation is a bit confusing, but as I said, it is my personal you may not connect with it. You may read it a totally different way and that is ok.

I hope you are having a fabulous week. I am preparing for the long drive home tomorrow from my visit with my mom. I would appreciate prayers for a safe journey home. Thank you!


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