Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Ritual- Travel Photography

I could sit and watch surfers all day. There is much to learn about life from surfers. Many of them seem to be connected spiritually with the sea. They honor and respect mother nature and it shows in the reverent way they enter the water...almost like a prayer. Sitting here now typing this in the early morning hours of a Maryland autumn morning, I can still hear the waves crashing and the gulls screeching, drowning out all the thoughts in my own head. The salty mist rises from the rocks as the ocean spray floats in the moist morning air. There is something about the sounds, taste, and smell of the sea that centers me.

As the surfers paddle out to their starting destination, I find it interesting to watch how sometimes they glide over the incoming waves as they approach but sometimes they dip the nose of the surfboard down and dive through the wave, head first. Quite a metaphor for life, is it not? As the daily flow of life brings challenges into our path, we can either rise with them and glide over them, put our head down and dive head first through them, or let the power of the challenge pull us under and drown us.

Apparently there is an etiquette to surfing as well. They all seem to play nice out there together, taking turns catching waves, staying out of each others path, rooting each other on, cheering for successful rides, offering advice when one fails. They all seem happy, carefree, and light in their own bodies while they are out there floating in the ocean. Nothing matters at that moment then being right there where they are and the next wave heading their way. The focus and immediacy to it is refreshing. No worries about the past or future, just breathing for right now...this moment.

Another useful skill that translates to life is knowing how to crash and recover after a fall. As the waves cause a surfer to become unbalanced, there are a few things a surfer can do...bail out before it gets too bad or try to ride the wave out the best he/she can by regaining balance. Knowing when to bail and when to stick with it is essential, just like it is in life when roadblocks occur. Keeping balance is always key.

And then there is the surfboard. When a surfer falls off his/her board, the tether provides a link back to the very thing that carries them through the water. Having a lifeline in place is essential in life as well. Family and friends can often be that lifeline back to safety when worldly troubles creep in. Surfers also take care of their board, showing respect for the tool that gives them so much. They clean it, wax it, and keep it from getting nicks and dings. They take pride in taking care of their equipment.

In retirement I would love to live closer to the ocean where surfers frequent. I find it so relaxing and meditative to watch them.

I hope you have a great Tuesday...8 more days for the stitches in my mouth! The countdown starts! Please continue to pray the the bone graft is taking and that the infection is 100% eradicated.  Thank you all so much!


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  1. Great shot of the surfer and such pearls of wisdom. My kids are into surfing and I think they are a very positive community.


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