Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Life is Tenuous So Walk the Wire- Digital Art by Baltimore Artist

Life is tenuous. Take the risk, walk the wire, and see what you find.

I was scrolling through a favorite fellow digital artist's Facebook page yesterday evening when I saw the news. A woman who was a force of nature, a sweet soul to everyone who admired her, a beautiful creative with depth of philosophical thought, died on December 23, leaving the digital art world reeling and feeling empty.

I had a brief exchange with Carolyn Hall Young when I first found her work back in 2015. I emailed her and told her that I totally could relate to her story. She has been bravely battling cancer for a long period of time and found that when she lost the strength and endurance to use traditional tools, she moved to creating digitally, usually on an iPad air. While I have not fought cancer, I could relate to her story of losing something you love, in my case photography, due to health issues and turning to digital art to express your feelings. When I wrote to her I was fully not expecting a response as I know she had her own battles and time was of the essence for her...taking care of her farm in Santa Fe, taking care of her garden, and of course, taking care of herself and creating art. But, she wrote back. Her words were encouraging and sweet, philosophical and helpful. I was touched that she took the time to address me, someone she had no idea existed. After becoming Facebook friends, I was able to keep track of her work, which was always inspiring.

I felt a deep sadness with the news, but also a thankfulness that she is no longer in such physical pain. Carolyn will be missed. There was a beautiful tribute written about her by someone who knew her much better than me, so I encourage you to click through to read it. Carolyn, may you fly high, be everywhere, and continue to inspire from the realm beyond.  God bless.


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