Monday, December 26, 2016

Amish Saturday Outing- Digital Art by Tracey Grumbach

Many Amish take the opportunity to take their buggies out for a ride on Saturdays, especially the young people who are courting. If you take a drive through Lancaster County, PA on a Saturday afternoon, you will have plenty of encounters with buggies out and about. Some of the carriages are enclosed, like this one, while others are open. On cold winter days you will find the occupants of the open carriages bundled in blankets with heavy coats and hats to protect them from the cold.

When I am photographing in Lancaster County I always try to respect the Amish and not shoot their faces. Many don't like being photographed (some don't mind) but if I don't have permission directly from them, I respect their choice of not having their likeness recorded on "film."  I prefer to focus on the farms, carriages, landscape, laundry hanging on the lines, quilts, etc. instead of portraits.  If I do take pictures of them, I like to do so from behind so that their faces are hidden. Nothing against anyone who does take pictures of the Amish, I just prefer not to...a personal choice.

Here is a little before and after...I like to go back through all my pictures from years before and find ones that are horrible. I can then use them as a basis to turn into beautiful digital art pieces by painting, texturing, and adding layers on iOS apps and on the computer in Photoshop. Here is a rare before/after of this piece.

I hope everyone had a joy filled, peaceful Christmas celebration yesterday. I had a wonderful Christmas spending time with family. I think we must have played the dominos game Chicken Feet a million times and we played some card games, ate some delicious food, exchanged gifts, and just hung out. It was a wonderful few days.

My mom is still here, but plans to return home tomorrow morning. If you could please keep her in your prayers for safe passage, I would very much appreciate it.

Have a wonderful day today. I plan on slowing beginning to put away gifts and organizing the house. I can't stand when it is in disarray. We will be back in homeschool tomorrow, starting the long winter stretch, counting the days until spring break.



  1. Thanks for sharing the before/after of this beautiful art. Very well done. I saw this on Flickr and admired it. I'm hoping the new year to be learning more texturing techniques. I admire your art.
    Hope your Mom stayed safe in her journey.

    1. I am so glad you were able to connect with me here. I will be checking out your Flickr account as well. You are welcome here any time. My mom did make it home safely, thank you!


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