Monday, January 16, 2017

Baltimore Brownstone- Urban Altered Photography by Tracey Grumbach

About this image: I hate being the driver, especially in the city. One of the reasons is because I love to have my camera ready to take interesting scenery out the passenger window wherever I am. When I am driving, obviously, I don't want to have my camera in hand taking photos. This particular image caught my eye while I was riding with my husband, my oldest son, and his girlfriend through Baltimore. I loved the light on these beautifully renovated buildings near the Inner Harbor, especially with the large winter-barren tree in front, obscuring some, but not all, of the architecture. It added a bit of mystery to it and I really loved the scene.

I will be heading home to Maryland today, flying out of Orlando after visiting Full Sail University with my daughter. Please pray for a safe trip for us. Thank you! Have a wonderful beginning to the week.  Hugs.


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