Thursday, June 15, 2017

Fawn Grove Church of the Nazarene

Fawn Grove Church of the Nazarene- Pylesville, Maryland
You know how it feels when you climb into your favorite pair of warm, soft pajamas after a long, cold day? You know how it feels when you read a perfectly entertaining book curled up under a worn, favorite blanket with your pet snuggled in close to you? You know the feeling when you sit with a long time best friend and laugh together over shared private jokes over a warm cup of your favorite coffee?  After 20 years of not having a church to call home, that is how I feel when I walk into the doors of Fawn Grove Church of the Nazarene. It is so good to finally find a spiritual place to call my own and feel perfectly comfortable, warm, and content.

Thank you, Pastor Johnathon and Michele. We absolutely adore you both.


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