Friday, July 14, 2017

Mobile Art Created on iPhone Apps- Don't Limit Me


My newest figurative piece is titled "Don't Limit Me". I am still struggling to find just the right feel with this style of art, but I keep trying! I still haven't completed the third lesson in the Figurescapes class as I have been not feeling well most of the week, but I am starting to get antsy to finish it and start my second class about teaching online classes. So, my goal is to find time and feel well enough this weekend to complete the first course. So far I have completed 5 different pieces inspired by or required by this class: Dixie and Go Figure, No Fear, On the Edge, and this one. I was honored that On the Edge was chosen on Instagram as a featured piece by @ig_artistry

Speaking of Instagram, have you all heard about Chatbooks? They are these adorable little books that are printed from your Facebook or Instagram photos. I've heard so much about them and since I usually only print one copy of my art, I decided to have my Nine Acres Designs Instagram account printed so I could have a record of all the images I've created since opening that account. Well, yesterday I received 4 Chatbooks in the mail and I was in total love. It was so cool to see all of my Instagram posts bound together in a tiny picture book. My twins went crazy for them and immediately sat down looking through each one. They are decent quality for the value price you pay and it is nice, like I said, to have all of it printed. Each time you get 60 images on your Instagram you can print a new volume. Later today I will take a picture of the ones I received and put it up on Facebook. Look for that if you are interested!

Tonight is a special night because it is the artists' reception for the Art Without Boundaries exhibit in which I have two pieces showing. All the art was divided between Bel Air Library and Havre de Grace Library but both of my pieces of art are showing at the Bel Air location. I am looking forward to seeing the entire installation and meeting the other artists!

I'm also thrilled to receive the news that The Mighty, the online magazine which I am a contributing author for, is publishing my 4th article soon! I will for sure let you know on Nine Acres Designs Facebook page when the article has been published. I imagine is should be sometime today.

This weekend, if I am able to, is an exciting one. Tomorrow my son has a rugby match in Washington D.C. Then, on Sunday, my daughter has a performance at a local church for a play that she has been working on all week in VBS camp. Also on Sunday I get to pick up my oldest daughter from the airport after her amazing trip to Seattle and Vancouver. It will be good to support my kids this weekend and have my girl back home.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. Be safe and have fun! See you back here on Monday!


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