Monday, July 20, 2015

Dance in the Puddles

I am the parent of one of those children, a girl, who wants nothing more than to be loved by a dear friend. She is a people person. Everywhere we go, she yearns for the attentions and sweetness of a girl her age. If there is a girl in the area within a few years age difference from her, she finds them, and says, "Mama! I found a friend!" She may not ever know her name, she may not ever see her again, but she declares that girl her best friend for that moment in time. I hope one day she can find a true friend that is her confidant, her safe place to fall, her favorite person to share secrets with.

Inspired by the vintage photo I showed at the bottom of this post, I created two very different pieces...this digitally painted art piece, Dance in the Puddles, and In the Sweetness of Friendship. I really love them both, but feel more of an emotional connection to this one.

Hope your week is starting off well. Mine certainly is as I am in Lynchburg visiting my mother. Nothing like quality time with the woman who can still bring me peace and comfort as well as keep me grounded and in line.  Love you, Mom!


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