Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Moving Gently Into the Night- Harford County Artist

About this image: It has taken me years to realize that I am an empath. I think becoming ill with Lyme disease and dealing the neurological effects of the disease has moved me more deeply in that direction. I absorb the emotional states of those around me. It is not something I want to do, but something that just happens. So, this is why I found myself alone, in my truck, in the parking lot of a church last night as I waited for my youngest daughter to complete her first day of chorus practice. The practice is one and a half hours long and I couldn't stomach sitting in the waiting area the entire time with all the other parents. I am not antisocial and they are not mean, but I just crave peace, alone time, and calmness.  So, after being in the church for about 40 minutes, I strolled out to my truck. While I was sitting in the front seat, I saw the bell tower and steeple rising beautifully into the dusky sky. I was totally inspired. As I sat and stared at the changing light on the steeple, I thought to myself, "I love how gently we are moving into the night." It was like watching a slow motion video of a changing sky, a changing light, a changing world as the sun sank deeper on the horizon. And when it was fully dark, I went back into the church again refreshed and ready to deal with the crowd of parents and kids again.

Have a peaceful Wednesday, y'all.


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